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The Tales of Symphonia arrangement from the rousing Tales battle theme, Fighting of the Spirit.

Luc Bernard’s Mecho Wars was a long time in the making. The game seems to be closely modelled after Advance Wars, but with massively reduced gameplay options and poor balancing. From unit types and abilities to the variety of maps, Mecho Wars is much simpler than Advance Wars, which have at best hundreds of missions and a map editor compared to the short levels in Mecho Wars. Mecho Wars is also ridiculously easy with a completely incompetent AI opponent, and the game has a nasty habit of freezing at the end of a level – dareisay, “bugs”? (The unit types seem to be modelled after insects.)

The graphics in Mecho Wars are nice and crisp, and there are some enjoyable music tracks, although some of the more techno-style songs quickly get repetitive. This could have been a good contender to Advance Wars, but unfortunately, it’s a much shorter and simpler game. In addition, the frequent freezing really bugs the game.

The final boss from Megaman 10, just slightly remixed.

From Skyward Sword, the new Legend of Zelda outing for Wii. A relaxing but also strangely eerie track, perhaps with a humorous tinge.

Mega Man 4 had one of the most energetic NES last battle music tracks. Here’s a remix of it in 16-bit SNES Megaman X style.

Even while the Wild Arms series faded in relevance, the quality of music was kept high. Wild Arms 4’s soundtrack may be the series’ best, with a great number of standout tracks like Buried City.